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President Don Henderson
Address 633-1-2F Zukeran, Kitanakagusuku-son, Okinawa, Japan 901-2317
TEL/FAX 098-932-2900
E-mail[email protected]
DUNS # 712075220
Company Registration Number3600-01-010013
Details of the Executive Director – Don Henderson –
date of assumption: 1 January 2008 .
Date of registration4 January 2008
  1. Warehouse Operations and Management
  2. Retail and Supply Chain Management
  3. Transportation and Delivery
  4. Storage Service
  5. Wash, Paint, Cleanse, Repair, etc. of aircraft.
  6. Truck and trailer leasing and Refurbishment.
  7. Construction-work Contractor
  8. Canteen leasing
  9. Boat navigation service for diving and fishing,
    boat navigation service for pleasure boats.
  10. Other services that relates to the points above